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Lyz Luidens

Lyz Luidens is a letterpress printer and fine art printmaker. She learned the art of letterpress printing from Jim Horton, and runs the Prankster Press letterpress shop out of Riopelle’s space, providing letterpress, printmaking, bookbinding, and design services.  She was the Michele Schara Artist in Residence at Detroit Community High School for the 2015/2016 school year, and is a 2015 Knight Arts Challenge Grant Winner for the Detroit Atlas Collaboration. 

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Ian Matchett is an oil painter, student organizer, and activist living in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to art, he studied political science at U of M, focusing on radical political theory. With his paintings he tries to explore the connections between radical movements and individuals of the past and present. When the past is forgotten, or remembered only as a distorted caricature, our ability to unify and act in the present is crippled. If we seek to radically change society, we must break the monopoly exercised by the powerful over history.  He hopes that his work can contribute to this process.

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sarah brennan

Sarah Brennan grew up in Columbia, Missouri and graduated from the University of Michigan, Stamps School of Art & Design in 2014. Her work is primarily focused in drawing and printmaking. In November of 2015 Sarah began a nine month artist residency with Spread Art Detroit.

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Ellen Nelson is a painter, muralist, and illustrator. Graduate of the University Of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design, Ellen’s large-scale oil paintings focus on compositions of visual patterns of objects, body parts, and more. She showcases both in Southeast Michigan and at venues like the Park Trades Center in Kalamazoo.

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bree stephens

Bree Sinclair is a native creative who resides in Detroit, MI. She has been actively participating within her art for the majority of her existence and takes pride in being a self taught creative. She focuses on portraits and realism whenever she draws, but she also loves dabbling in abstract art, and contemporary colors. Body painting is Bree’s new niche. You can find her actively participating in the community and volunteer projects, she adores children and believes they are the future. She also participates in the local art shows that are held in the metropolitan areas of Detroit and the surrounding cities.


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Josh kochis

Josh Kochis graduated from the University of Michigan Penny Stamps School of Art & Design (BFA) in 2015. He is interested in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and installation, as well as creative writing.


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Ava Ansari

Ava is an artist, curator, educator, and community organizer with over 7+ years of experience in designing and organizing large scale events, educational programs, exhibitions, and presentations in collaboration with numerous artsits and institutions in different cities across the Middle East and U.S. 


Danny Sobor

Danny Sobor is a Chicago boy with a degree combining visual art and neuroscience from Brown University. He believes in the power of public art and aims to fuse graffiti and studio practices in his work. He has shown pieces in many places, from vacant storefronts in the Midwest to the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea.
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